Never A Dull Dé

Never A Dull Dé

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In Never A Dull Dé, Shobhaa Dé presents a collection of incidents that have occurred around her. These events are pretty extraordinary and tell you the stories of how different people got to be where they are today and how they are managing to still remain there.

She talks about how politicians use their power to get things done and how they also misuse it to get what they want. She tells you gossip about Bollywood and who did what, where, when and why. You get to find out what goes on in a relationship and how you can age gracefully instead of being scared of growing old. Marital issues and how to deal with them is also a hot topic in this book.

If you want to know the secret to Shah Rukh Khan's six pack abs, Dé has quite a story to tell you about it. She not only focuses on stories about famous people but also about incidents that happen rarely—Incidents that do not make it to the front page of the newspapers. The empowerment of women is another common theme in the book.

Her older essays from over 5 years ago are also available in this book. The book contains many stories from people who come from different walks of life and their story of survival all the way to the top. Never A Dull Dé was published in 2013 and is available in paperback.

Key Features

  • The book gives you some interesting perspectives on the ideas of fame and riches.
  • Success stories and some harsh facts of life are brought to light in this book.

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