A P.G. Wodehouse Pick-Me-Up! - Goodbye to All Cats

A P.G. Wodehouse Pick-Me-Up! - Goodbye to All Cats

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A Wodehouse pick-me-up that'll lift your spirits, whatever your mood.
Cheaper and more effective than Valium’.
Offers ‘relief from anxiety, raginess or an afternoon-long tendency towards the sour’.
‘Read when you’re well and when you’re poorly; when you’re travelling and when you’re not; when you’re feeling clever and when you’re feeling utterly dim.’
Whatever your mood, P. G. Wodehouse, widely acknowledged to be ‘the best English comic novelist of the century’, is guaranteed to lift your spirits.
Why? Because ‘Mr Wodehouse’s idyllic world can never stale. He has made a world for us to live in and delight in.’
How? ‘You don’t analyse such sunlit perfection, you just bask in its warmth and splendour.’
Olivia Williams Caitlin Moran Lynne Truss Sebastian Faulks Evelyn Waugh Stephen Fry
Ever on the lookout for a quick buck, a solid gold fortune or at least a plausible little scrounge, the irrepressible Ukridge gives con men a bad name. Looking like an animated blob of mustard in his bright yellow raincoat, he invests time, passion and energy (but seldom actual cash) in a series of increasingly bizarre money-making schemes. Shares in an accident syndicate? Easily arranged. Finance for a dog college? It's yours.
And if you throw in some cats, flying unexpectedly from windows and a young man trying ever-more-desperately to impress the family of his latest love, you get a medley of Wodehouse delights in which lunacy and comic exuberance reign supreme.

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