21 Things Every Girl Should Know

21 Things Every Girl Should Know

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Why are girls Allergic to Mathematics
Are Periods and Pain Chuddy Buddies
Can a Girl's Virginity be Told
Why do women love Bad, Bad boys
Why women call Sex, Making Love
What Turns on Men
Why do Men Sleep just after Having Sex
Why do Women Seek Commitment


For the first time ever, all the pieces of a girl's life come together in an incredible revelation. It has answers to the world's most need-to-know questions that will be life transforming for any girl who experience it.

In this practical, humorous and easy-to-read guide, one will get to know the new solutions, since the world is shooting new problems at jet speed.

Full of funny anecdotes and fascinating insights, it has things a mother never shares. It's a girl's Bible, which contains 'The Secrets' that a babe is always desperate to learn.

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